Waterskiing and Poker



Played on a 7+1 Super Satellite on Party yesterday which would have given me a seat to the 64 Million Dollar Tournament satellite. Win the 7+1, go on and win the 64 table and you are entered in the Million Dollar Tournament. Nailed it, at least on the first table. Won the 7+1 table so I went on to play the 64 table and hopefully qualify for the Million Dollar Tournament. Ended up busting out on the bubble. That's right, ended up me and another player heads up for the top prize. I started out with a big chip lead, but as often happens, ended up going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Finally had 77, not really strong with multiple players but OK heads up. Realize now I should have made a smaller bet rather than all-in. Blinds were pretty hefty at the time, don't recall exactly how much, so if my all-in coulda taken the blinds I would have been happy. Well, opponent had JJ, so he's ahead bigtime. Of course I don't get my 7 and out I go, 2nd place and no seat to the Million $ tourny. Rule #1: "Patience #1 Grasshoper...PATIENCE!" is working well for me now, that it, when I adhere to it. I still bone it up once in a while and don't lay down when I should, but hey, that's poker.


Great, and Not So Great

Had a good night, for me anyway, on Party last night. For the first time ever I won 2 consecutive SnG's. Unfortunately they were only on the 5+1 tables. Can't affort to play higher stakes tables until I start doing this consistently. Also played in a super weekday qualifier, built a nice stack and subsequently blew it on a bad decision to bet more rather than call and lost a large chunk. Person I was against didn't have the nuts but I didn't even have the second nuts. Oh well, refer to rule #1 and repeat after me..."Patience #1 Grasshopper...PATIENCE!" That is what got me the nice sized stack to begin with. I shouldn't have pushed a marginal hand as hard as I did.

I also played some 1/2 tables. First one I sat down at my plan was to play only premium starting hands, but (not applying rule #1) that plan ended the first time the "Costa-Rican Dealer" spit the cards out around the table. Bottom line, didn't take long to lose $25.

Got off the 1/2 table to play the SnG's previously mentioned. Recouped the losses with the wins I had. Eventually sat down at the 1/2 tables again and promised myself to apply rule #1. Did much better and ended up in the black this time before I finally decided to go to bed. I ended up in the black for the entire night, playing for 4 hours. This is a good thing for me since I am used to being in the red. Maybe, just maybe, I can stay out of the water and in the boat.

Just a quick update and here comes the boss-man so have to at least act like I'm working. See you at the tables.


What a week!

What a week I have had playing poker, and now for the high/low-lights:

Wednesday nights regularly scheduled "Jerry the neighbor guy" poker tournament ($20/person entry, winner takes all) was rescheduled for Thursday due to his birthday on Wednesday and the necessity of keeping your girlfriend happy on your birthday. So, we played Thursday (damnit, forgot to tape Survivor) with 5 people. Very first hand: I fold, two other players start betting hard at each other. Forget the suits but K,7,X on the board. Raise/re-raise. Two players still in the pot, one on each side of me. Well eventually these guys go all in against each other (sorry, so long ago I don't remember if it was before or after the turn, memory kinda cloudy due to many Coor's Lights). Turn is a T, River is a blank. Well Crazy Carl, who bets wild and you can never really tell if he has a hand or not, has 2-pair KK77. Lance catches the T on the turn, which definitely helped his pocket TT's. Crazy Carl goes down in flames to the set of tens, first hand of the tournament, setting a new tournament record for the earliest anyone has gone out, and hell, it wasn't even 7pm yet. So what's a guy to do?...hang out and drink with the boys for a while...so that's exactly what Crazy Carl does. If he had left right after losing his wife would have been suspicious, like CCarl stated: (Wife asking) "Honey, why are you home so early, your girlfriend not show up?"

Game goes on for a while longer and now "Jerry the neighbor guy (JTNG)" (from "The Cable Guy" movie fame) who is now the player to my left goes at it with John, across the table from me. I had long ago folded. Forget the cards on this hand, read Coor's Light memory loss, but they go all-in at each other. JTNG wins and John (the golfer) is knocked out. So there I sit in the middle of 2 guys that have doubled-up. I did get kinda short stacked, but nothing too life threatening. Played tight and only played premium hands, blinds still low so I got to see a lot of flops. Smart play, at least I like to think so, and good cards and I slowly built my stack up. Finally, the great hand I have been patiently waiting for, go all-in against JTNG, I double up and take most of his chips, sincerely pissing off the girlfriend. Eventually JTNG gives up all his chips and is out of the tournament. So now I have a huge stack, Lance is still alive and VERY dangerous with the size stack he has. We go back and forth for a while and Lance gets a lot of chips from me, and I get a few back from him.

The blinds were only 200/400 now. I am BB and Lance calls. I have 2d,3d in my hand. I check. Flop: Ad, 4d, Js so now I have the straight flush draw. I make a good size bet, Lance calls (as I find out later he has paired with the Jack). The poker gods whispered in my ear that the 5d was on the way, and sure enough the turn was 5d making my STRAIGHT FLUSH. Well, I almost fell the F out of my chair but tried my hardest not to show any reaction. I made a bet like I was trying to steal the pot, which was a good sized pot for a steal now. Lance says "All-In". Bells, whistles, fireworks, foghorns, and 72 naked virgins dancing in my bed (too bad I'm married), going off in my head. (Little history here: I have had my ass spanked at JTNG's tournaments for months on end, winning only once before when Crazy Carl and I were the last 2 left. I have placed 2nd in many of these but not won.) I immediately say call and throw my cards down showing him the STRAIGHT FLUSH. I win and take home the $100!!!! Of course I gave up half of the win to my wife the next day at the lake. What a hand, and what a great time to have it. Hopefully the poker gods will smile favorably upon me the next tournament I play at JTNG's.

PartyPoker, had to rebuy....grrrrrr. Finally, had a great Sunday afternoon, turning $25 into $140 before leaving the 1/2 table. I was in the zone, knew when to fold them, and knew when I was good to go. Of course, I had to jump back into the water with the rest of the fish (of course this was after multiple Coor's Lights) and squander away all my hard earned winnings late on Sunday night. Someone please remind me not to play drunk and tired. Tired being the worst of it, considering my little angel woke me up after just a few hours sleep Sunday morning. My own fault though, I was the one up playing poker almost all night Saturday night (which happened to be another good night for me) while she was sleeping.

Please, step away from the bank, it's muddy, slippery, and you just may slip back into the water with the rest of the fish if you're not careful. Ask me, I know!


Guess what? I forgot to make the sign!

That's right, I'm a dumbass fish still, a rather large one at this point. After my short time of success I have really went into the dumpster behind McD's. I have been impatient to the nth degree and the number of times I have had to put money into my Party account is proof of that. Some of it is not my fault, like getting sucked out on the river and beat by a straight when I have trip-9s (which also happened to be the highest card on the board). Oh well, beats happen and their only bad when they happen to you. The rest of the sucky play is all my fault and impatience...See rule #1: "Patience #1 grasshopper....PATIENCE!" Repeat it 100 times before during and after playing. Maybe it will finally sink thru my thick head. As a rule IGGY does not usually talk about his own playing on his blog, but THANK YOU IGGY for finally talking a little more about your play. I will try to emulate you and your play. I know (some of them) my faults and am working on fixing them. With IGGY's discussion I have renewed motivation to work on them harder.

Skiing News: Skied last weekend, barefoot only. Frontwards, backwards, front-one-foot etc. Only a couple good crashes when I got careless, kinda like playing poker. The difference: I just get a little sore from the crashes while skiing, and lose money when I crash playing poker.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. I know I have to! I will be more patient and wait, fold, wait, fold..................then play to win when the poker gods finally smile favorably upon my hand!


The SIGN is NOT big enough!

My sign with rule #1: "Patience #1 Grasshopper....PATIENCE!" is not big enough. Last night I was playing a super weekday qualifier on Party. Qualifying for the super weekday was for 1-24 places, with 25-27 getting residual cash. Made it until there were 27 players left and got TT after not seeing any playable cards for quite a while. Decided to play them, had T6550 or so left, enough to sit there and do nothing but fold and hopefully not get eaten by the blinds of 750/1500 to make it to qualifying. Well, dumb-ass/no patience/gee these tens look great, decides to play them. Well like I just said, I am a dumb-ass, during the middle of the hand a couple others get knocked out, so I'm real close to making to making the 24. Unfortunately there is no button to get your money back out of the pot and I get the boot by QUAD-2s, which beat the hell out of my two pair, and out of the tournament I go ON THE BUBBLE at 25. Did make 67 (or 69) bucks on the deal, but had to go steam that off on a 1/2 table. So a net loss for the night. Damn-it, when will I learn rule #1 and take it to heart.

The sign will be a lot bigger before I sit down to play tonight.

Interesting article I saw in my local paper first and found online, Google, Yahoo dropping Internet gambling ads and the battle goes on.

Good luck to all, see you tonight on Party. Look for rareform1 and I'll give you some money. Of course any assistance in the way of a bonus would greatly be appreciated since I keep making stupid mistakes and getting my ass handed to me. Note to self...review rule #1.


Slow Weekend

It was a slow weekend for me on the poker scene, not that I didn't play a lot. Had some good sessions and jumped in with the fish for a couple sessions. Actually was playing in a tournament when the wife got up from a nap and started cleaning house. Felt a little guilty for not helping so called another guys all-in when I felt I was beat. Had AQ in hand and an AQx on the board. Turn showed possibility of a flush. Called the other guys all in, I was either going to double up or be out of the tournament and help with housework. Well, cleaning the kitchen was not as fun as playing poker, but it had to be done. Yep, he had the flush and knocked me out of the tournament. Oh well, kinda knew I was beat, would have surprised me if I wasn't but it would have been a pleasant surprise.

Had quad A's in a 1/2 limit game, felt I was in the lead, kept betting, callers kept coming, the turn gave up an A, bet more, called more, river gives up the 4th A, not as many callers this time but took down a nice pot. Sorry, don't remember exactly how much but I was happy with it.

Couldn't buy a place in most SnG's I played this weekend. Out of about 15 or so SnG's only placed in 2 for the weekend. This is not a good thing for your bankroll. Got beat by the flush a couple times when I should have known better. Took the chance they didn't have it but they did. See rule #1: "Patience #1 grasshopper....Patience!" Don't force the issue, wait for the next hand. Live and learn!

Skiing news: None, didn't ski this weekend, just hung around the house and took it easy. Nice, quiet weekend.

Patience, that's what I'm going to keep saying to myself tonight when I play. I'll let you know if it works.


In the water, out of the water.

Well Tuesday night was not a great night of poker for me. Jumped back into the water with the rest of the fish and had a losing night. Couldn't place in any of the SnG's I played and lost money at a .5/1 table. Analyzed my playing the next day and realized I had started playing to passively, letting good hands get beat by the turn and river, when I should have bet stronger and taken the pot earlier. One such hand had a set of Jacks, which were also the highest card on the board, even after the turn and river. Didn't bet a lot to try and maximize profit but ended up getting beat on the river by a straight. Had I bet stronger before the turn, this may not have happened. So, back to the way I was playing previously. Still can get beat by the river, but occurs less often. Turned my play around for last night and ended up ahead for the night. Lesson, don't play too passively and bet strong when you have the best hand. It is best to take the pot rather than get run down on the river. There is always the next hand. Rule #1: Patience #1 grasshopper....PATIENCE!. I keep repeating this to myself now and it has paid off.

Another hole in my game has been to call when someone reraises me when I am most likely beat. Yep, definitely a fish move. Bottom line, in a SnG or tournament, don't risk all your chips and get the boot unless you are sure you have the best hand. That being said, sometimes you have to take the risk and gamble a little, just pick your times to gamble carefully. See rule #1.

Some reading I have found helpful to my play is by Bob Ciaffone, a lot of his articles have helped my play quite a bit, I especially like the quizzes he has at the Cardplayer site. Give it a try, I think you will definitely like it. Hopefully IGGY will start posting again soon after his hiatis. I miss his rants and he is always the first post I read.

Playing a homegame tonight, IF the wife gives me a kitchen pass. Hopefully she will be feeling well enough to take care of the little one. Wish me luck, and plug the holes in your game.

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