Waterskiing and Poker



Played in the next door neighbors tournament last night for the 1000th time, ok maybe only 20th time and finally won again. My wife was able to join us for the first time ever and got short stacked. She went all in with AKo, had 3 callers, didn't improve and was out to a small pair. Was down to 3 players out of 7 that started, this tournament is a winner take all. Big stack took out the other player whom has won this tournament several times. Big stack Carl is the same person I won against the last time I won this tournament. He had me way outstacked so I needed some chips. Flop was a pair and I paired the third card giving me 2-pair, do or die time...all-in. He had a higher pocket pair JJ and I thought I was doomed. Fortunately, the only card that could save me came on the river, yooohooo. Doubled up by the river. Well, I went on a streak then and continued to build my stack. We went on for a couple hours battling it out. I had him outchipped at the time when the board flopped 48A all clubs. He didn't even look at his cards again and called "all-in" I had AQ spades in the hole. I thought and thought, considering the fact I would still have some chips left if I called. Finally (I don't know why but I didn't think he had clubs) I called his all-in. We flipped our cards over and he had AT no clubs. I was ahead! Turn and river failed to give him a Ten and I won. Scary call to say the least, I would have been severely decimated in chip count and it would have been a long battle back if he had won that hand. Felt great to finally win again, ironic that it was against the same player I beat the last time I won.

On-line I'm still the fish, playing too many hands, not stopping when I am ahead etc...But I will continue to read, study, read IGGY of course and exercise rule #1: "Patience #1 grasshopper...PATIENCE!" I'm getting there, just not as quickly as I would like to.


Cold Busted

That's what I get for playing probably 90% of the flops last night in a rushed session. Everything I played was questionable to begin with, and then definitely not playable after the flop. I was trying to get in a quick session before everyone came home and it was time to unload the groceries. Well, about an hour later, and -$19 later, I have not money in my Party account. Perfect timing, the wife's pulling in the driveway now with the groceries.

Bottom line: DO NOT sit down and play a rushed session unless you can be like IGGY, fold, fold, fold, then maybe play a hand. I was too impatient and my bankroll quickly reflected that fact. Time to make a deposit and play some tonight possibly.

Here's a great post that includes 2 of my favorite activities, poker and drinking, it's a great read.

Dead Money=AlCantHang

I definitely like his idea of getting some babes to ski naked, but so far we haven't accomplished that at the lake. Have no fear, I will not give up on this endeavor though. Unfortunately, yours truly has the most time skiing naked on the lake, came close one time to being busted by a sheriff's deputy, thankfully he didn't notice or plain didn't care and left us alone.

Good luck on the tables.


Adjust-Fire! Adjust-Fire!

That's what you have to do sometimes, as I found out in a ring game held at home this weekend. Started off playing kinda loose to see flops and just have some fun playing hands. Calling when I knew I shouldn't, not folding when I knew I should, which is kinda funny considering how those two thoughts kinda go together. Anyway, we start off with 2000TC, which cost you $10. Buy-in, cash-out, sit-out anytime (unless the blinds are on their way to your seat). This works out well, as I was attending to the grill and the kids, 1-mine plus 2 visitors. To cash out someone just total up their TC's (tournament chips, even though it's not a tournament so-to-speak) and multiply by .005. It helps to have a calculator handy. New person to the table didn't have the word "fold" in his vocabulary, and unfortunately for me was catching some hands. Eventually I busted out and did a rebuy for another $10. Now I started playing a little smarter, and folding when I should. Made use of the fact the "fold is not in my vocabulary" player and started getting some of my chips back, unfortunately the game broke up before I could bankrupt him. He did have a lot of chips from my in-laws too, so he was a winner for the night. After all was said and done, my buy/rebuy=$20, total win=$31, for a net +$11. Not bad for a drunken pokerfest, just wish it could have went on longer so I could have made more.

One thing of note during this home game was that everyone would continue betting to the river with anything they paired on the board. I had AJs in hand, an A85 rainbow on the board. Everyone kept betting like maniacs so I folded, thinking I may be against trips (most likely) or another pair of Aces with a better kicker. No straight or flush on the board. The winner of the pot actually had a pair of 8's to win the pot, the other player was betting the pair of 2's. Oh the insanity. Needless to say, I didn't fold top pair the rest of the night and it paid of (most of the time). Like I said at the beginning of this post "Adjust-Fire!"

Earlier in the day, before the arrival of the guests above, I was playing on PartyPoker and wasn't catching anything. I mean absolutely nothing. Tried to make it work but ended up bleeding away about $50 in the bankroll. Was glad to have guests arrive so I could log-off and stop the bleeding losses. I checked my poker-tracker and found that for the 2+ hour session I DID NOT EVER get AA, KK, QQ, and only 1-AKo. Talk about cold cards! And this was playing 1 ring game and a couple SnG's. Ouch, no wonder the bankroll took a hit. I'm hoping that will change when I log on tonight.

Good luck, and see you at the tables.
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