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Tactic is working!

Long time no post, but had a spell where I couldn't get any poker playing in. Glad to announce the tactic described in the previous post is working. Did screw up over the weekend though, trying out the new multi-SNG's at Party. Wasted entirely too much money doing this when my patience was not up to par. Check out IGGY's post for 13 Jun. Has a great rundown about the new things at Party. One of the interesting things pointed out is: The variance is also going to be higher because only the top 1/6 rather than
top 1/3 spots pay, so you'll need more bankroll than for the
single-table SnGs.
So I may just stick with the single table SnG's until my patience is where it needs to be.

Fortunately, using the "new tactic" I started on one table (.5/1) last night with $15. By the time I quit I had $105 +/-2. What a great aid to the bankroll. Also played several single table SnG's ($10+1), 1st-1, 2nd-1, 3rd-2, out-on-the-bubble=1. So overall it was a very profitable night for me. It also helped (though not much money-wise) that I got QUAD's TWICE exactly 15 hands apart. First was Quad 2's, next was quad 6's, for a net profit of $10.75.

Another profitable hand: Pocket 3's, board 3KJ, two other people betting and calling. Bet my set right along with them. Turn-K, got my boat, bet right along with them. Total net profit $19.25. Fortunate for me someone didn't have a bigger boat.

Good luck at the tables!



I've accidently discovered a new tactic that seems to work for me. Sitting at Party .5/1 NL (25 max buy in) I only start with $15. I have discovered, for whatever reason, that if I start with $25 I play too loose and end up busting out on questionable plays. Going in with just $15 I play more like I should, tight/aggressive, waiting for good starting hands with a good kicker. Had a good weekend and was able to pay for several SnG's with profits from the .5/1 tables. Even ventured into a couple $20 SnG for the first time and made it to the money all but 1 time. What a deal. I felt as though I may have turned the corner and will soon be able to stop reloading my insufficient bankroll on Party.

Last night was different than the weekend, got stupid again an went down about $30 total for 2 different .5/1 tables (after a rebuy of course). Wasn't catching cards and basically was just there for the spanking and donating money to other people's accounts. Tonight is the neighbors tournament, and if I can get a "kitchen pass" from the "supreme domestic commander" (the wife), I intend to play tonight. We shall see.

Iggy is up and blogging like the champ he is again, be sure to check him out. He is my first stop in the blogging world. Also, AlCantHang has an excellent bad beat story, almost like this one:

This weekend was at my typcial .5/1 table. Had K3o in the BB. Hey, free flop, great. Flop comes 3KK. Flopped the boat, holy cow. So i make a small bet, expecting everyone to fold. Two other players raise, re-raise, how cool is that! So right along I go. Turn X, more betting, finally getting 3 of us all in. I'm thinking one other player has the lower end of the boat now and is betting it out with pocket 33. One of the other players types a message about expecting a split pot, which is what I was kind of expecting, at least between me and another player. Well, river is an A, one of the players (not the one that typed the message about split pot) was holding AA, to make Aces full of kings, and no split-pot. Unbelievable he bet that much money on the draw with 2 pair. There must have been between 50-60 in the pot by that point which would have been a nice haul had I won, considering I started with my normal 15 at the table. Oh well, that's poker.

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