Waterskiing and Poker


I Guess The Last Post Worked!!!
I don't know if writing about it got it out of my system but, I had a totally kick-ass Sunday.  Playing at Party on a 1/2 Limit table made a profit of appox $62.  Entered a $20+2 NLHE tournament, 1178 people entered.  Played solid poker and waited for others to make mistakes.  One such mistake that is a vivid memory (well, some details are fuzzy at this point):  I was BB with K7o, table folds around to SB who calls, I check.  7x7 flops, SB goes all-in on what I felt was an attempt to steal the blinds.  Bad mistake, he was also smaller stacked, I called.  He gets no further help on the turn and flop and my trip 777's bust him out of the tournament and I increase my stack.  Was a rather large stack for a while, not chip leader of course, but slowly blead that away.  Got down towards the money, just stuck to the game plan and played solid/smart poker.  Breathe, breathe, breathe, as a sigh of relief when I make it into the money with a fairly good stack.  Kept on chugging along, trying to play smart.  Don't remember exactly what busted me out of the tournament, but I made it to 20th place.  My best tournament ever!  Payoff was $164 (net profit $142).  Add in a single-table SnG for $100 win ($78 profit) and  now I am up about $271 for the day! 

Side note from the multi-tourny, I only had AA one time the entire tournament!!!!!!!!  Simply amazing.

Family gets home, friends come over, drunken chicken cooking on the grill, and guess what happens next......yep, a poker game broke out.  Played NLHE round table (not-tournament) style so everyone could re-buy, leave, go get another beer, or whatever, whenever they wanted to.  Ended up winning another $20 at that table before finally calling it a night.  Overall, the best day I have had playing poker.  Measly winnings by some people's standards, but huge by mine, especially considering how much I have re-bought on Party.  Don't need a divorce so I won't put a total amount here just in case my wife actually reads this  (LOL, just kidding honey, it's not that much, really......)


It's Been Said:

I've read at other blogsites that a person that is not posting regularly is probably not happy with his poker lately. I can say that is my case for sure. No bankroll, just re-buy, re-buy, re-buy. Oh the humanity. I have been lacking in patience lately, and when I haven't been lacking in patience I get outdrawn. Like having trip queens busted on the river by a flush during a SnG. Queen was highest card on the flop, with 2 spades. WADB catches his much needed spade on the river. Oh well, that's poker. Sometimes poker really sucks. But once again, revert to the biggest problem of mine, patience!

Did do well at last weeks "Jerry-the-neighbor-guy" tournament. Ended up chopping with the other guy left. It was getting late and had the propensity to go much longer. That night I was patient and it paid off. Didn't get cards for the longest time and finally started a strong run that put me in the chip lead. Could have went way ahead about 2 hands into the tournament when I flopped a nut straight. Bets around the table, then a pair flopped the board on the river. Now I am very worried about the boat being out there. Jerrytheneighborguy goes all-in. I think, and think, knowing he is known for going all in with nothing, but also knowing he is capable of having the much feared boat (he has spanked me before doing this). Finally, I mucked my hand, everyone couldn't believe I mucked AFTER he showed that he had gone all-in with nothing. Hey, they weren't in my shoes and I didn't want to be out of the tournament on hand 2.

Also did well in a multi-tournament on poker. Was drinking Coor's Light (which influenced my decision to start this late night tournament). Did well and was about TC8000 when it got close to the money. Of course the speed of the tournament was at the pace of an arthritic snail as we waited for other tables to finish their hands. Finally made it to the money (pay started at 70th place), and it was time for me to go to bed. Went all-in on a marginal hand, lost, and was out 68th and in the money. If I would have won and doubled-up I'm sure I would have reconsidered going to bed. Work really sucked the next day with only about 2 hours of sleep to go on. Oh well, that's poker.

Have to work this weekend, the wife will be at our lake place, so maybe I can get a lot of good poker in. Hope it will give me a good reason to post next week, or maybe even the weekend. We will see.

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