Waterskiing and Poker


QUADs Galore!

Played a lot yesterday, both on-line and homegame. Saw QUADs twice whild on-line. First time, I almost double up (opponent didn't call when I went all-in after the river). This was in a tournament. So now I'm sitting pretty in this tournament. A while later with pocket JJ, Flop come J6x, excellent, top set. Opponent bet, I bet. Turn is another 6. Now I'm Jacks full of sixes. I check, opponent bets, I call. River is an x, lower than J. I check, opponent bets, I go all-in, opponent calls. wooohoo. Until the chips go to the opponent. He had pocket 66 for quads. Oh well, you can't worry about quads when you have the top possible boat. Lord knows how many times someone will try to scare you out of a pot when you have the nuts, but in my case the second nuts. Oh well, go from good position in the tournament to out in one hand.

The next time I saw quads was in the home game, able to make a little money off the in-laws. I actually had quads twice while playing with them. That makes 4 times I saw quads yesterday, too bad only three of them were when I was holding them.

Friday a week ago, entered a $50 buy-in, 20 person mini-tourny at party. Had just enough Coor's Light and previous luck that night to go for such a buy-in. Well, amazingly enough I won the whole damn thing, $400 added to my bankroll. Simply amazing.

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