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Peer pressure, gotta bow to it. I found a link to this blog on Felicia Lee's blog (25 Oct Foxwoods report) but it's not on the current page. Well, I guess I will have to blog some more to get back in the good graces and back on the regular list. I'm pretty psyched about being linked on more than one site, so I will make every effort to blog more. Promise! I will also try to make it somewhat interesting (no promise).

If you haven't picked up CARO'S BOOK OF POKER TELLS, do so. I read it all the way through when I first bought it. Did so with a yellow highlighter in hand. Just started re-reading it in preparation for "Jerry the neighbor guy's weekly Wednesday NLHE tournament." I feel I have actually gotten better at picking up on tell's people at the table are doing. One good one allowed me to call another players all-in and put him out last Wed. I had top pair, ace kicker. Board pairs on the turn, I bet, he calls, he goes all in on the river when a blank falls. Risky call as I would have devistated my chip stack, but a couple tells (I won't say what they were just on the off chance he may read this) made me call. Well he had a pair of fours for two pair, I had higher two pair and put him out.

I have also used the TELLS book to try and mix up what I have been doing as tells. Playing fast when strong sometimes, and playing slow when strong sometimes. It seems to be working as I placed 2nd out of 9 this past Wed and won the last two weeks previous to that.

Get the book, read it through a couple times, you will be surprised what you start to pick up on at the table.

At the "Jerry-the-neighbor-guy's Tournament" Wednesday night it was obvious everyone was out to get me since I had won the last two weeks in a row. Well, playing smart, being patient, and playing well after the flop served me well, unfortunately I only made it to second place. With 9 players I was pretty happy with the finish since I still score points in a 14 week side-tournament we have going. So I stay in the lead!

One memorable hand, I was big blind and look down to find pocket aces for the first time that night. Player to my right, Chuck, had just said I was "a lucky fucker" on the previous hand. He went all-in. Having 2 raisers before him I pushed and went all-in too, hoping the other two would fold, fortunately they did. He had pocket tens and couldn't believe it when I showed him my Aces. He got no help and was busted out of the tournament. Boy was he mad. I was really happy to have my aces stand up, it would have been a major dent in my chips had he sucked out on me.



Haven't blogged in a long time, but will try to get back to it since I actually saw another link (the second I have found) to my blog from a fellow blogger. (Was that a run-on sentence? Who cares?)

Was doing well on Party, playing smart, then got really smashed playing one night, blew the bankroll, rebought (3x$50) and lost all of that too. Boy, some of the advice I have read about not playing drunk may be right after all. But, I will keep trying to prove that advice wrong!!!

I did do quite well at some games, utilizing the IGSTERs technique, fold,fold,fold then spank some ass with a good hand. Highlights:

Last 2 weekly home-game tournaments at "Jerry the neighbor guy's" (winner take all), I have won. Two weeks ago there were 14 players ($20 buy-in) for a nice profit, I'm sure you can do the math. Last week was 10 players, won that one too, unfortunately I was in for $40 since my wife played too. Nice to get all my money back plus some profit.

On Party: Played a $6+? super qualifier for St. Marteen trip. Won that single table SNG, which qualified me for the $24+? super qualifier (if it's called that). Won that one too, which qualified me for the actual $200 tournament. Limited to 80 players, 4 people win place for the St Marteen trip/tournament/spending money. Was doing great, at average or above average chips for most of the tournament. One of the biggest loss was holding onto 77 for too long, not flopping a set, and failing to fold. Forget exactly how much that cost me in chips but was a big chunk. Actually got knocked out in 14th place........could have been better had I followed rule #1: "Patience #1 grasshopper....PATIENCE!" Better luck next time.

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