Waterskiing and Poker



Not a good week for me in poker. Wednesday, flop top two pair fairly early in the tournament. Kept betting, one caller, put him on a flush draw. He would not stop calling my bets and bam, on the river his flush card comes. I check, he bets, and like a dumb-ass I call, and he wins with the King high flush to my top two pair JJQQ. Couldn't believe he was risking that many chips on his draw, but that's poker, and I'm still a dumb-ass for calling his last bet. Severely but a hurt on my chipstack for the tournament. Blinded down for a while, get KK, flop has a king. Go all in, with my trip Kings, of course there is a flush draw on the board, get a caller and he gets his flush on the turn. Nothing pairs the board and I am out of the tournament after only playing a couple hands. SUCKORAMA!

Last night played a ring game at home with family and friends. I could NOT win a hand! Or so it seemed. I did win a couple small pots. Other times got drawn out on. I think I only rebought about 4-5 times. Get AQ, flop QT8, bet, get brother-in-law as a caller. He has been a lucky bastard all night. Turn is a 6. I bet, he puts me all in, and being to drunk to realize the straight possiblity staring me in the face I call. Of course he has the straight and TPTK (top pair top kicker) is no good. Re-buy time again. (At this point I'm to drunk/stupid to just quit while I'm way behind). The rest of the night was the same. No good cards, everyone else playing any two cards and hitting with them. Another memorable hand was brother-in-law once again playing ATC (any two cards) with 62o. Of course he fills up the boat on the river and gets more damn money out of my ass. Unbelievable bad night of poker for me!

I will wait out this downturn, and sincerely enjoy the upturn...if it ever happens.


Not a good poker night.

Overall I sucked last night. Played in the WNPC (Wednesday Night Poker Club) weekly tournament held at "Jerry the neighbor guy's" house. Started with 9 players.

One memorable hand (details are kinda sketchy, alcohol was involved) involved me and a guy named Ricky. I'm dealt AQ and raise it. Had some callers, along with Ricky. FLOP: KQ7 rainbow (at least I think it was an 8), I bet, Ricky raises, others fold, I call. TURN: 6. I bet pretty big, Ricky calls. RIVER: X. I check, Ricky bets huge but not all in. If I call and lose I will be severely damaged in chips but not unrecoverably so, so I decide to call. I WON with the pair of Q's. Ricky was chasing a straight, didn't make it, and tried to bluff me off the pot. Pretty risky play by me, but something told me he didn't have a King, QQ, or AA. So I raked a huge pot.

Another memorable hand: Down to 5 players and get TT on the button. Blinds are pretty large at this point so I only call the blind. First card on the flop is my beautiful TEN. I think the flop was T94. It gets checked around. Turn is an X, no flush possible on the board now. Chuck, player under the gun goes all-in, everyone folds around to me and I call. I have him covered in chips. We show our hands, he has ATo. River is no help to him and my trip T's win and knock him out. Had to laugh because I have knocked him out a couple times now, whereas he knocked me out about 3 times in a row during our tournaments. Of course I was not happy with that at all, but buckled down, played smarter, played more patiently, and folded when I knew I was probably beat. After I "buckled down" I won 2 tournaments in a row. First had 14 players, $20 buy-in, winner takes all. That's $280 for a $260 profit. The next week was 11 players, for a nice profit of $200. Gotta love it.

Back to last night. Down to 3 I have the chip lead but only barely, as will be determined by this hand. Blinds are something like 600/1200TC (Tournament Chips). I'm on the button and get K8 clubs. Decide to see the flop and call the BB. SB folds. BB Checks.
Flop AcTcX, so I now have the nut flush draw. Jason goes all-in, which he is known to do with nothing at all. All I have is the nut flush draw going for me, but I decided to take the chance and put me in a HUGE chip lead and knock out Jason all at once. Well, the best laid plans...didn't work. I call his all in, we flip the cards and he has an A, for a pair. I get no help on the turn and river and he gets all but $150 of what I had in front of me. Boy that sucks! Oh well, didn't buckle down and wait for a better opportunity. I wasn't really in the desparate mode yet. Lesson learned. Execute and buckle-down better next time, and WON'T go all-in and risk my tournament life on a draw. (Well, that's the plan now, but you know how plans can change.)

Jason went on to win the tournament, the first time he has won it in the many months he has played in the WNPC weekly tournament.

Well, guess what. That plan didn't work. Went home and jumped on Party Poker. Got in a $10+1 single table SNG. Got down on chips early when I couldn't call an all-in, had a good hand but not good enough to call an all in. Here's how this hand went.
Me, in the SB dealt Ah3h. Call the rest (25) to complete the BB
5 players still in.
FLOP: Ad9hTh
So now I have top pair and the nut flush DRAW again!
I bet 50, player 2 folds, player 3 calls 50, player 4 raises to 100, player 5 folds.
I push all-in with my remaining 490,
player 3 folds,
player 4 calls.
Turn/River: 8s Qd

Player 4 has AT and wins it with 2 pair and I am gone.
Oh-well, the best laid plans...at least I did have top pair and nut flush draw this time, rather than just the nut flush draw only.

That's pretty much how my entire night went, thus depleting my small bankroll that was left at Party.

BTW, yes, alcohol was involved, but I have done quite well when alcohol was involved before. So it was a combination of lack of patience (the biggest problem) and not catching the cards I needed when I need them.


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