Waterskiing and Poker


WNPT - Wednesday Night Poker Tournament

We had the largest turnout at our Wednesday Night Poker Tournament that we have ever had. Total of 15 players for the $20 buy-in, winner take all. We also have a $3 multi-week tournament pool going, which sadly I am sucking near the bottom of total points. The tournament is a winner take all, which occassionally the top two players will cut a deal at the end. It always depends on who the last two are and their chip stacks in relation to each other. During the tournament I only won a couple pots and never amassed a big chip stack. Blinds go up every hour and also each time someone gets knocked out. This blind structure has ended our tournaments that go until 2-4AM, which used to be a regular occurance when we first started this weekly tournament.

With the blinds rising, my chip stack getting smaller, I was finally close to 10xBB chip stack. Time to make a move. I get AKo near the button, nice! Flop is Kxx rainbow, sorry, can't remember the other two cards. Several people around the table call a small bet from an early player, it gets to me and I'm not going to mess around with this so I go all-in. Everyone folds around the table, and I would have been happy to pick up the pot at this point, and finally gets to the last player still in. He thinks for a long time, so I know he at least has a king and I'm hoping for a bad kicker, two pair or trips and I don't believe he would have to think about calling my all in for that long. So the longer he thought, the better I like my hand. Finally he decides to call and flips up Kc6c. Excellent, he's got kicker problems. I flip my cards up and he sees the trouble he is in. Turn brings another 6 for him, and now I'm in deep shit. To add insult to injury the river is another 6, for runner-runner boat for him, and an exit out of the game for me since he had me covered in chips. That's poker.

I don't think I would have played it any other way, with the blinds eating away at my stack the way they were. Just got out-drawn on.

After the game I went home, next door actually which is very nice after a couple of beers, and played on Party for a while. By the way, my couple of beers are in a 64 ounce insulated drinking mug, so roughly 5x12 ounce beers each time I fill it up out of the kegerator http://www.beveragefactory.com/refrigerators/beer.shtml which by the way is saving A LOT of money. The initial cost is high but the kegerator pays for itself quickly. We have 3 regular players in our tournament that bought them at the same time. The host of the tournament actually drinks free, not only at the tournament but at all times. People donate $5 per tournament night to drink from the kegerator. This covers the cost of the next keg, saves players money since they don't have to bring premium priced store-bought beer, and has the added benefit of not filling up a trash can full of empty bottles and cans.

So if you drink a lot of beer, or host a regular tournament where a large quantitie of beer is consumed...GET A KEGERATOR, you WON'T be sorry.

Back to the original story. Did much better on line and was actually up $60 for the night before I quit.



What an adventure in poker this past weekend was. Did something I haven't done in a long time (mainly due to lack of success and impatience), I entered a $9+1 satellite for an entry into the Party Poker Quarter Million Guarantee Tournament. Played smart, kept reading my "Patience #1 Grasshopper....Patience" post it note on my computer screen. I didn't really get involved in many hands early on. There were 264 entries (if my memory serves me correctly) and an entry was paid for every 10 entries. Started to catch some cards finally and building my stack. Would hover for a while, be patient, and wait for the cards and get another bump to my chip total. Finally came to crunch time, action slowed drastically as we had to wait for all tables to complete their hands. I had enough of a stack to go into auto-fold mode, but still kept an eye on the cards. I only played the "ultra-premium" cards at that point and my stack kept growing without much of a challenge. Everyone was in the "I don't want to go out on the bubble" mode. Finally, someone busted out on the bubble and I won an entry!!!!!!!!! Patience #1 grasshopper (plus good enough cards at the right time)....patience=success.

The big game was on Sunday, total prize pool was a whopping $376,400 with 1882 entrants, with a straight buy-in of $200+15 if you didn't win an entry in a satellite. First place was $79,044, second was $39,898. I start out playing as smart and as patient as I could. Had to make a couple major laydowns, one with top pair but 4 to a flush on the board and I didn't have one of the flush cards in my hand. My starting chip stack of 1500TC slowly dwindled down to 980TC. Finally after 1+26 hours I pick up JJ and raise it to 3xbb. I only get one caller. Caller has over 7000TC and was one of the chip leaders on the table. Board comes up with Txx rainbow, Ten being the highes card on the board. Caller raises me enough to be all-in, I think this may be a "big stack play" because I thought he would have reraised pre-flop with a big pair to see where he was at. I figure nows the time and call....dumb, dumb, dumb. I would have essentially been left with the "chip and a chair" but at least I would have still been in the tournament if I had folded. My pair of jacks ran into a pair of TENS, yep, he had a set of tens on the flop and I am done.

So I outlasted about 800 other people, went out 1068th, and 1067 people did better that I did. Lesson learned. I WILL BE BACK!


Good Night of Poker

Had a pretty good night of poker last night. Finished 2nd (no money) in the Jerry the Neighbor Guys weekly tournament. Had 9 players last night. Was trying to play the "modified hammer" which is 72s and bluff a guy off the pot. I didn't bluff hard enough. He called me down with a pair of 9's, even though the board had two overcards on it. Couldn't believe he would call me down like that even after I bet pretty hard. I must have given a tell somehow, I will definitely have to work on it, or next time pull the trigger and go all-in if I think he does not have a stellar hand.

I picked up some chips when I had T9 in the BB. Flop was Jc8d2d . I bet and was called in two places. I really liked the turn card 7c. I bet and was called by only one person. Really praying that the 3rd flush card didn't hit on the river. Lucky me, 3h on the river and no flush possibility. I was golden with the nut straight. I checked, thinking the other player would bet. He bet a good amount (damn I need to take a notepad and record some details to make this a little more interesting). I then went all-in over the top of him. He went into the tank, thought about it for a while, and finally folded his top two pair face up and said he was afraid I had the T9. Well, lapse of judgment for a second, and I showed him the nut straight. I was hoping to use this later if I had to go all-in on a pure bluff, which did happen later in the night. So, I guess it paid off to show the hand this time, something I normally don't do.

Later against the same player I get KK UTG. I bet 3xBB and he raises it. Everyone folds around to me and I decide not to mess around and go ahead and push all-in. He thinks for a long time once again and finally calls me, hoping I had AK or AK. He flips over his 88 and I show him my Kings. He gets some help on the board when a possible striaght shows up at the turn. Fortunately he did not make it and my Kings are good. I had 6450 TC (tournament chips) that were not in the pot already. When all was said and done, I left him with only 50 TC, talk about a short stack. He did make it through a few orbits and actually quadroopled (sp?) up before finally going out.

When we get to heads up we are pretty close in chips. I lost a lot of chips when John made a straight (small end) when I had top pair and the straight draw. I didn't make my straight on the river and called his bet (I wish he would have went all-in, I would have folded and saved at least some chips). That was the biggest hit to my chips and I never really recovered after that. We did battle it out for a while and I went AI with 55, he immediately called with 77, I get no help and the tournament is over.

I should have taken the deal we discussed earlier, it was to quit then and I get my buy-in back. I still had about 1/3 of all the chips in play and didn't want to just quit then when I could still possibly beat him. He wouldn't take the deal for second place getting their buy-in back if we played it til the end. Oh well.

And now for the post tournament play on Party. This was an awesome hand (for me anyway).

***** Hand History for Game 1568301619 *****30/60 TourneyTexasHTGameTable (NL) (Tournament 9430673) - Thu Feb 10 02:02:45 EST 2005Table PPM IV Supers Qualifier 723011 (Real Money) --
Seat 10 is the buttonTotal number of players : 10
Seat 1: skitrade (630)
Seat 2: mezoning (990)
Seat 3: attytess (590)
Seat 4: Thebigdogbob (670)
Seat 5: warby (1185)
Seat 6: thepenguin (720)
Seat 7: ChiSteel39 (1425)
Seat 8: TailBoom (135)
Seat 9: Johnny_Flash (885)
Seat 10: rareform1 (770)
skitrade posts small blind (15)
mezoning posts big blind (30)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to rareform1 [ Qc, Js ]
attytess calls (30)Thebigdogbob folds.warby calls (30)thepenguin folds.ChiSteel39 calls (30)TailBoom calls (30)Johnny_Flash calls (30)rareform1 calls (30)skitrade calls (15)mezoning raises (30) to 60attytess calls (30)warby calls (30)ChiSteel39 calls (30)TailBoom calls (30)Johnny_Flash calls (30)rareform1 calls (30)skitrade calls (30)

** Dealing Flop ** : [ Ts, 9c, 7s ]
skitrade bets (570)skitrade is all-In.mezoning calls (570)attytess folds.warby calls (570)ChiSteel39 folds.TailBoom folds.Johnny_Flash folds.rareform1 raises (710) to 710rareform1 is all-In.mezoning calls (140)warby calls (140)
I called this with my straight draw, knowing I was going out, or have a huge chip lead. Thought the other players may have big pairs, top two pair, or a flush draw. Sometimes you have to be willing to die in a tournament and I decided this might be the time.

Creating Main Pot with $2760 with skitradeCreating Side Pot 1 with $420 with rareform1
** Dealing Turn ** : [ 3d ]
mezoning bets (220)mezoning is all-In.
warby calls (220)
** Dealing River ** : [ 8d ]
Creating Side Pot 2 with $440 with mezoning
** Summary **Main Pot: 2760 Side Pot 1: 420 Side Pot 2: 440

Board: [ Ts 9c 7s 3d 8d ]

skitrade balance 0, lost 630 [ 9s 7c ] [ two pairs, nines and sevens -- Ts,9s,9c,7c,7s ]
mezoning balance 0, lost 990 [ Ac Kc ] [ high card ace -- Ac,Kc,Ts,9c,8d ]
attytess balance 530, lost 60 (folded)
Thebigdogbob balance 670, didn't bet (folded)
warby balance 635, bet 990, collected 440, lost -550 [ Td 7d ] [ two pairs, tens and sevens -- Td,Ts,9c,7d,7s ]
thepenguin balance 720, didn't bet (folded)
ChiSteel39 balance 1365, lost 60 (folded)
TailBoom balance 75, lost 60 (folded)
Johnny_Flash balance 825, lost 60 (folded)
rareform1 balance 3180, bet 770, collected 3180, net +2410 [ Qc Js ] [ a straight, eight to queen -- Qc,Js,Ts,9c,8d ]
Well, I was almost right on all accounts. The exception being that there was no big pair on the board and there was no one drawing to the flush.

I then proceeded to play tighter than a virgin, not taking any serious chances and folding a whold heck of a lot.

And I HATE IT when they fold when I get this hand:

***** Hand History for Game 1568396309 *****300/600 TourneyTexasHTGameTable
Seat 3: attytess (830)
Seat 4: Thebigdogbob (1490)
Seat 10: rareform1 (5680)
Thebigdogbob posts small blind (150)
rareform1 posts big blind (300)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to rareform1 [ Kd, Kh ]
attytess folds.
Thebigdogbob folds.** Summary **Main Pot: 450attytess balance 830, didn't bet (folded)Thebigdogbob balance 1340, lost 150 (folded) rareform1 balance 5830, bet 300, collected 450, net +150


Then the dumbest play I made ie. DON'T get married to a hand and think someone is bluffing all the time:
***** Hand History for Game 1568401818 *****400/800
Thebigdogbob (3180)
Seat 10: rareform1 (4820)
Thebigdogbob posts small blind (200)
rareform1 posts big blind (400)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to rareform1 [ 6h, 7h ]
Thebigdogbob calls (200)
rareform1 checks.
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 3s, Jh, 7d ]
rareform1 bets (400)
Thebigdogbob raises (2780) to 2780Thebigdogbob is all-In.
rareform1 calls (2380)
** Dealing Turn ** : [ 9s ]
** Dealing River ** : [ Qs ]
Creating Main Pot with $6360 with Thebigdogbob
** Summary **Main Pot: 6360 Board: [ 3s Jh 7d 9s Qs ]
Thebigdogbob balance 6360, bet 3180, collected 6360, net +3180 [ Jd 5c ] [ a pair of jacks -- Qs,Jd,Jh,9s,7d ]
rareform1 balance 1640, lost 3180 [ 6h 7h ] [ a pair of sevens -- Qs,Jh,9s,7h,7d ]

***** Hand History for Game 1568406982 *****400/800
Seat 4: Thebigdogbob (6160)
Seat 10: rareform1 (1840)
rareform1 posts small blind (200)
Thebigdogbob posts big blind (400)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to rareform1 [ Kd, Td ]
rareform1 calls (200)
Thebigdogbob checks.
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 7d, Ks, 5c ]
Thebigdogbob checks.
rareform1 bets (400)
Thebigdogbob calls (400)
** Dealing Turn ** : [ Qh ]
Thebigdogbob checks.
rareform1 bets (400)
Thebigdogbob calls (400)
** Dealing River ** : [ 9s ]
Thebigdogbob checks.
rareform1 bets (640)rareform1 is all-In.
Thebigdogbob calls (640)
Creating Main Pot with $3680 with rareform1
** Summary **Main Pot: 3680 Board: [ 7d Ks 5c Qh 9s ]
Thebigdogbob balance 8000, bet 1840, collected 3680, net +1840 [ 8d 6c ] [ a straight, five to nine -- 9s,8d,7d,6c,5c ]
rareform1 balance 0, lost 1840 [ Kd Td ] [ a pair of kings -- Kd,Ks,Qh,Td,9s ]

Nice river to do me and and I don't advance!
Did get $34 added to my account but I really wanted the win, duh.

In other news, was playing 2/4 Bad Beat Jackpot during most of the game and quit UP $140 at the end of the night.

Not a bad night overall. Just wish I would have advanced.

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