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Big Poker Weekend

Played a lot of poker this weekend. I have not posted in a while due to being pissed off about losing a HUGE post I typed in. New tactic so that won’t happen again, write it in a word document, copy then paste onto my blog. That way is something screws up during posting I will still have it on Word and can try again. Have done this before, but for whatever reason didn’t the last time and it really cost me.

Played with the wifey and the in-laws on Friday night. No-limit ring game style. I was catching cards, which helped, and could limp in to see a flop rather cheaply. One hand I had 69s, limped in. Flop gave me an open-ended straight draw rainbow. I bet and was called by everyone. Turn gave me the straight 3-4-5-6-7. So I bet large. Father in-law (FIL) was the only caller now. River was a beautiful 8. Still no flush possible on the board and no pairs, so I now have the nuts. I go all-in, kinda surprised when the FIL calls me after thinking about it for a while. While he was thinking the wife said, “Sure would be nice to have 6-9 right now.” After he calls he turns up A6s for the smaller straight, and I show him my nut straight. He later said he thought it would be a split pot. Well, rather than buy-in (once again, since he had to before after not catching cards) I gave him $40 worth of chips. This worked out great for me since earlier in the day he had bought dust covers for my car at $40. These covers are installed behind your wheel and keep the brake dust from building up on your wheels. Common thing you see on Ford Explorers and Expeditions, and I have one of each.

Saturday night I couldn’t sleep and got up to jump on Party. Started with $94, and played some $1/2 Bad Beat Jackpot. Not really the bankroll for it but WTF, if I hit the BBJP I would be golden. Started doing quite well. Made enough profit to open another table, and then another. One great hand that helped the bankroll was KJo. I happened to be in the BB and the time and there was one raise in front of me, with (I think) 4 other players who called the raise. So, pot odds were right and I called the raise to see what the flop would bring. Flop was 9TQ rainbow! Jackpot. I checked and expected the first raiser to bet, which he did. He had a couple callers and I just called it the first time, courting disaster of course. Turn was a harmless 4, don’t remember the suit. I checked it again and of course the raiser bet it. Now I start the raising. So now there is a raising war, with a couple people dropping along the way. River brought a J, which is a scare card for me if the initial raiser has AK. I check, he bets, and I just call it now, no sense in throwing good money after bad if I am beat now. Initial raiser shows QQ for a flopped top set and my hand is good. Pot = $112. Gotta love that.

Another nice hand occurred a little while later. I’m in early position and catch AA, and limp with the plan to re-raise if anyone raises it. It gets called around with no raise. Several players now so I know the strength of my hand has decreased with multiple players, that is until the flop of AKx. Top set, K kicker. I’m happy with my hand now. I check, other player bets, and I call the bet. Slowplaying once again and hope I don’t let someone draw to the better hand. Turn is a beautiful K, so now I am Aces full of Kings, and the only hand I really have to worry about is pocket Kings. I thought that was highly unlikely since no-one raised it preflop, or after the flop. So now the raising war begins. I win the hand for a nice $80ish profit.

I was playing a variety of starting hands, looking at the flop, and laying it down if I didn’t hit. My bankroll may have been larger had I played a little tighter, but overall I was happy with my play and some of the laydowns I made. Started with $94, and finally went to bed at 0630 Sunday morning with $354. Not a bad night!

I did jump on for a couple hours on Sunday and ran it up to $425. So overall, a great weekend of poker for me. I just hope it continues during our weekly Wednesday Night Poker Club tournament at Jerry the Neighbor Guys house.


Damnit, had a huge post for today and lost it all when I tried to spell check. Son of a bitch! I am not going to type it all again. SHIT SHIT SHIT. I am pissed.

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