Waterskiing and Poker


Steaming TILT, and the KK assault!

Steamrolled a $24 sng qualifier to the $250K Sunday Guaranteed at Party. Started off well in the tournament and was up over TC2100 early in the tournament. Then I get KK in late position and raise the initial raiser. He re-raises, and this should have been my first clue that I was up against AA. Well, being the dumbass I can be, and being married to my hand I put him all in. Of course he has AA and even spikes an Ace on the flop, takes the pot and I am now down to TC7xx (700+change), but still in the tournament. I get KK again a few hands later. Call a raiser of course. See the Jack high flop, initial raiser bets a good amount and I push, not wanting him to draw out an ace if he has AJ. Of course he doesn't have AJ, he has JJ, and I'm praying for a King. No king for me and I am out of the tournament #1620.

Analysis: First hand I should have seen the warning signs and not pushed pre-flop. After seeing the ace on the flop I would have been able to get away from the hand and still been quite healthy in chips. Patience #1 grasshopper...PATIENCE! Second KK's, don't know if I could have gotten away from it, but could have just called his flop bet and then go from there. You can't win a tournament if you're not in it anymore. If he had bet enough to put me all-in on the flop or river, I'm still not sure I could have laid the kings down. But I still would have been in the tournament if I had gotten away from the first KK vs. AA earlier. Oh well.

After I busted out, I was steaming and played a couple SNG's, of course I had no patience and busted out quickly, and quite stupidly I might add. The smartest thing I did all day was shut the damn computer off and stop bleeding money away on tilt.

Patience #1 grasshopper...PATIENCE!

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