Waterskiing and Poker


Long time no blog.

Well, I guess I need to start blogging once again. Thanks to AlCantHang announcing the Pokerstars Blogger tournament with a large package for the winner! This means I need to update and keep on blogging. What a side benefit to being a blogger, although not on a regular basis lately.

Have played well, as well as played poorly lately. I was totally broke one night so I decided to search for a free tournament on Party. Found one starting shortly after I began my search. It’s been a while back so some of the details are kinda fuzzy, specifically how many frequent player points it cost me to enter. But I do know this, it started with 1296 players (late night so not as many as usual for this size tourney), and I ended up getting 6th place for a profit of $75. WOOHOO! I played a great, solid game. I would have to say one of the best I have played. When I made it to the final table I unfortunately didn’t have a huge chipstack but was able to hang on and make 6th. Now if I could just qualify for the “big-one” on Sunday and play this well I would be a happy camper.

Last Wednesday at our weekly game, I was exercising my “Patience #1 Grasshopper…Patience!” mantra when I looked at my cards and found pocket Aces. I thought WOOHOO. Being in first position and knowing how the table had been playing I limped in, expecting someone to raise. As expected, there was a raise and two callers to follow so when it got back around to me I raised it a significant amount. It goes around the table and one of the other players goes all-in, and I’m thinking WOOHOO. Next player contemplates calling (whom we later discovered had KQc). Well, I seriously considered folding, NOT, and called the all-in. The other player showed pocket 77. I said outloud, “don’t worry, he’s going to suck-out on me”. Board came out with 3 clubs by the turn and the person who folded would have had a flush. I had the Ace of clubs and was praying for another club. RIVER, the FREAKING 7d. No club for me and the other guy makes trip 777. I was severely crippled in chips now and was eventually the first person knocked out of the tournament. I have to admit I was tilting a little bit and could have waited for a stronger hand to play, but it was not to be.

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