Waterskiing and Poker



Yep, once again Wednesday night is upon us, and around here that means poker night. We usually have between 9-14 players in our weekly game. $20 buy-in No-Limit Hold-em tournament. If we don't go to 2 tables only 1st and 2nd place payout. If we go to a second table we pay 3rd place also. Fun game, lots of consumption of the adult beverage type. I hope I don't have a repeat of last weeks all-in preflop with pocket AA getting run down by the other guy's pocket 77. We shall see, but considering you should only see AA once every 220 hands I am not "scheduled" to see them tonight.

Played on Pokerstars last night in a $1 MTT. Was doing well in the 2nd hour, but was tired as hell and not really into it. So I proceeded, semi-on-purpose, to make some bad calls when on a draw, which I didn't end up making. Getting a little low on chips, and decided to call the table chip leader's check, all-in raise, when I KNEW I was beat just to end the game for me. Had it been a bigger tourney buy-in wise, I'm am 100% sure my attitude would have been different.

Wish everyone luck and will hopefully have time (while at work of course) to do a tournament write-up tomorrow.


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